Saskatraz Bees vs Italian

Saskatraz Bees vs Italian

Saskatraz bees vs Italian bees? Where do we begin? Saskatraz bees are hybrid bees selected from a wide gene pool for a set of specific traits. Italian bees are a landrace of bees that are maintained and bred according to a set of guidelines. Let’s compare these two types of bees. Saskatraz Bees Characteristics Saskatraz … Read more

What Are Saskatraz Bees?

What Are Saskatraz Bees

What are Saskatraz bees? Saskatraz bees are a product of an initiative to breed a stable, disease-resistant highly productive bee derived from lines of bees in Saskatchewan. The bees are evaluated and then sent to Orland, California. Here the bees are bred and used for queen rearing to increase the available quantities of this breed … Read more

When Is Honey Harvested?

When Is Honey Harvested

When is honey harvested? The short answer is when there is honey to harvest! Bees are not like cows, where you milk them at specific times based on a schedule. There are many factors that determine the answer to the question of “When is honey harvested?” In this article, we will have a look at … Read more

How Much Honey Per Frame?

How Much Honey Per Frame

When we start planning our beekeeping business or season, we often get tempted to predict the output. How much honey per frame? This is a rather variable figure and depends on management style and bees. To help you with your planning let us delve into this a bit. How Much Honey Can We Expect Per … Read more

The Long Horned Bee

The Long Horned Bee

The long horned bee, or should I say bees, are so-called because the males have very long antennae. These important pollinators are solitary bees and niche pollinators, often specializing in a very specific group of plant species that they pollinate. Let us have a closer look at these fascinating and important bees. For many of … Read more