At What Temperature Do Bees Come Out

Bees are able to partially regulate their body temperature and can fly for short periods at temperatures below 55°F. At what temperature do bees come out?  It is important to differentiate between the temperature when they can forage, and the temperature when they can shoot out to sting or take a “cleansing flight”. Bees and … Read more

At What Temperature Do Wasps Stop Flying

At What Temperature Do Wasps Stop Flying

Wasps are an incredibly diverse group of insects. At what temperature do wasps stop flying? This really depends on the type of wasp, but generally, people ask this question about the types of wasps that are numerous and found all over – yellow jackets being the main culprits here. There are a few factors that … Read more

At What Temperature Does Raw Honey Lose Its Benefits?

At What Temperature Does Raw Honey Lose Its Benefits

At what temperature does raw honey lose its benefits? In this article, we take a look at the natural raw honey temperature range. Does heating honey destroy its properties? We will look at the effect of temperature on honey’s properties, and what temperature kills enzymes in the honey. The short answer is heating honey much … Read more

A Bee With An Orange Stripe

If you are trying to identify a bee with an orange stripe or a bee with an orange bum, there are a few candidates, all of whom are amazing little friends to have in your garden. Let us take a look at a few candidates who meet these criteria! Bees are in general commonly colored … Read more

When Is Honey Harvested?

When Is Honey Harvested

When is honey harvested? The short answer is when there is honey to harvest! Bees are not like cows, where you milk them at specific times based on a schedule. There are many factors that determine the answer to the question of “When is honey harvested?” In this article, we will have a look at … Read more

An Observation Hive – Can I Use Wood To Make It?

An Observation Hive - Can I Use Wood To Make It

You get observation hives and then you get cool observation hives! Observation hives are a lot of fun – they let us watch the bees do their thing and get insights into how their world works. If you thought a fish tank was fun…wait until you have an observation hive….hmmm…what if we combined the two? … Read more

Are Black Bees Poisonous?

Are Black Bees Poisonous

Black bees are a common term for a type of carpenter bee. Carpenter bees are wood nesting bees, gentle souls, and exceptional pollinators. Are black bees poisonous? Not really. Read further to find out how you can live with these lovely bees, avoid problems and save damage to your buildings. Clearing Up What A Black … Read more

2 Frame Mating Nuc Plans

2 Frame Mating Nuc Plans

Let’s look at mating nucs and 2 frame mating nuc plans. I personally hate 2 frame mating nucs, and we can look at a few alternatives to these that make a lot more sense. Queen rearing is an important skill for a beekeeper to learn, and mating nucs are integral to this skill. Let’s have … Read more

What Does Bee Poop Look Like?

What Does Bee Poop Look Like

We are a funny species. Especially when it comes to poop. Something about poop entertains us and scares us. On the topic of bees, I often get asked “What does bee poop look like?” Bee poop is actually an incredible resource and if you understand how and where bees poop, you can use this knowledge … Read more