When Not To Open A Beehive? – Tips To Avoid Catastrophes

When Not To Open A Beehive

When not to open a beehive? Well, this will depend on what your skill levels are, the season, the state the bees are in, and even what is flowering at the time. Let me explain, based on my experience and the conventional wisdom out there. If you are asking “When not to open a beehive?” … Read more

Oxalic Acid and Honey Supers

Oxalic Acid and Honey Supers

Oxalic acid is becoming more and more widely used as a treatment for varroa mites. Many people wonder about oxalic acid and honey supers. What are the impacts on honey, and how do we keep things safe? Read on to find out the tricks. What Is Oxalic Acid? Oxalic acid is an organic acid that … Read more

Bees Left Behind After A Swarm

Bees Left Behind After A Swarm

Often when bees abscond or swarm from a resting site, we find bees left behind after a swarm. This is a normal part of nature – sad – but normal. Let us have a look at why bees get left behind and what happens to these bees. We find that in all societies, there is … Read more

A Bee With An Orange Stripe

If you are trying to identify a bee with an orange stripe or a bee with an orange bum, there are a few candidates, all of whom are amazing little friends to have in your garden. Let us take a look at a few candidates who meet these criteria! Bees are in general commonly colored … Read more

What Is Bee Brood – All Your Questions Answered

What is bee brood? This is the next generation of bees – it is the part of the hive that produces bees constantly to replenish and grow the hive population. To fully answer the question “what is bee brood?” we will have to take a far deeper dive into what the brood nest is, how … Read more

The BEST Ultra Bee Pollen Substitute – Revealed

Pollen is an essential part of the honeybee hive’s nutrition providing protein, lipids, vitamins, and minerals. Pollen substitutes, such as Ultra bee pollen substitute can allow a beekeeper to enhance the health and build-up of a hive. In this article, we will take a look at pollen substitutes and how they work. What Is Pollen … Read more

When Is Honey Harvested?

When Is Honey Harvested

When is honey harvested? The short answer is when there is honey to harvest! Bees are not like cows, where you milk them at specific times based on a schedule. There are many factors that determine the answer to the question of “When is honey harvested?” In this article, we will have a look at … Read more

Does Lemongrass Attract Bees?

Does lemongrass attract bees? The short answer is yes. The long and fun answer is the rest of this article. Lemongrass is an amazing grass herb that contains terpenes that attract bees. Let’s see how we can use this to our advantage. What Is Lemongrass? Lemongrass species are all part of the genus Cymbopogon. The … Read more

Types Of Natural Beehives

Types Of Natural Beehives

The types of natural beehives are really determined by the places bees decide to build their nests. Different locations require that the bees employ different techniques to make sure that their hive is safe and healthy.  In this article, we will explore how the nesting site influences the type of natural beehive the bees build. … Read more