How To Ventilate A Beehive

How to Ventilate a Beehive

In this article, we look at how to ventilate a beehive. Beehive hive ventilation is important to reduce humidity in the hive. Beehive ventilation is particularly important in summer when the bees can develop heat and humidity stress. Why It Is Important To Ventilate A Beehive Bees, just like us, breathe oxygen. It is important … Read more

Do Yellow Jackets Kill Honeybees

Do Yellow Jackets Kill Honeybees

In this article, we look at what a yellow jacket wasp is and if yellow jackets kill honeybees. Then we look at how yellow jackets and honeybees interact. Once we understand this interaction it is possible to protect our honeybees from yellow jackets. We can also find yellow jacket hives and deal with them if … Read more

Do Bees Have Compound Eyes?

Do Bees Have Compound Eyes

Wondering if bees have compound eyes? Bees have two compound eyes and 3 simple eyes or ocelli. This means bees have 5 eyes. In a worker bee, each compound eye has 6900 facets – each facet is a small eye, meaning that bees really have 13803 eyes. For simplicity, we refer in this article to … Read more