How To Extract Honey From Comb At Home


When we produce a little bit of honey for ourselves, it is very different from commercial beekeeping and we can aim to produce safer, cleaner honey and wax.

Commercial honey is extracted by centrifugal extraction. We take frames and remove the capping wax, and then place these frames in an extractor. 

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There are many ways to extract honey. For home production, we want to extract combs in such a way as to maximize the health benefits for us, and also the flavor and quality of our honey. We can explore a few options for this:

How To Extract Honey From Comb At Home To Achieve Maximum Flavor Retention

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Comb Honey

Comb honey – just tastes better than any other honey. This is because many of the flavor compounds in honey are actually lipophilic and this means they dissolve in the wax.


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Crush The Comb and Drain It

This is how we have separated honey since times when we could not record what we did. So that is at least 10 000 years ago.


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his will allow you to produce the best-tasting honey! You can even keep honey from different combs separate this way. Believe it or not, sometimes you can have ten combs in a hive that each tastes different! If you enjoyed this please share.


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