The Shark Tank Beehive


Matt Reed bravely entered his bee products company in the reality TV show, Shark Tank, attempting to secure funding for the expansion of his business “Bee Thinking”

Matt Reed pitched his business idea on the Shark Tank, a reality parody of the venture capital world.

1.The Shark Tank Beehive

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You can present the best business plan for anything to do with beekeeping – from making beehives to making funny new modern beehives, to innovative beekeeping in urban areas concept to a serious investor.

2. Why Beekeeping and Pure Capitalism Are Opposed

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Beethinking Hives

From what I can understand, Beethinking operated as a business for a while and now redirects to


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Commercial Beekeeping vs Hobbyist Beekeeping

Commercial beekeepers typically run very large numbers of beehives attempting to achieve the economies of scale needed to make profits. 


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New materials are entering the market, and composite and plastic beehives are also now available. We definitely need as many beekeepers and beehives in the world as are possible.


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