What Is Bee Brood - All Your Questions Answered


What is bee brood? This is the next generation of bees – it is the part of the hive that produces bees constantly to replenish and grow the hive population. 

Bee brood is the collective term we use for all the developmental stages of a bee in the comb from egg to young emerging bee.

What Is Bee Brood?

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The Brood cycle

The queen bee is guided to the area where eggs are needed by her retinue of workers. 


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What Happens To The Queen Brood?

The maximum number of queen cells we would expect to see in a hive would maybe be 50-80 cells in a strong hive. 


Bees produce drones to spread the genes of the hive to other hives. Drones are big!! Natural worker cells are 4.5 mm (Apis mellifera capensis) to a maximum of about 5.1 mm for larger races.

3.  What Happens To Drone Brood In The Brood Nest?

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What Happens To Worker Brood In The Brood Nest?

The vast majority of brood in a hive is normally worker brood. A queen can lay at least 2000 eggs a day.


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What is bee brood? A treasure chest of nutrients, and the most vital component of the beehive!


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