What Is The Difference Between Raw Honey and Pure Honey?


When we ask what is the difference between raw honey and pure honey we open a can of worms. There is so much confusion around honey labeling, and a lot of people get confused. 

Honey is a concentrated sugar solution made by bees. 

1.What Is Honey

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If bees collect a sugar solution that is not from a flower and process this it is called honeydew. As an example, bees will sometimes bite grapes and collect grape juice.

2. Honeydew

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 It consists of honey in beeswax cut from the combs in the hive. If the bees were working on flowers, then this is a pure honeycomb.


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Extracted Honey

The majority of honey in the world is produced by extracting honey from honeycombs built into frames.


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If we assume raw honey to be the honey straight from the hive, either in the comb, or strained, but not filtered, and regular honey to any of the other honey-like products on the shelf, the choice is easy. 


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