Bees Left Behind After A Swarm

Bees Left Behind After A Swarm

Often when bees abscond or swarm from a resting site, we find bees left behind after a swarm. This is a normal part of nature – sad – but normal. Let us have a look at why bees get left behind and what happens to these bees. We find that in all societies, there is … Read more

What Is Bee Brood – All Your Questions Answered

What is bee brood? This is the next generation of bees – it is the part of the hive that produces bees constantly to replenish and grow the hive population. To fully answer the question “what is bee brood?” we will have to take a far deeper dive into what the brood nest is, how … Read more

The BEST Ultra Bee Pollen Substitute – Revealed

Pollen is an essential part of the honeybee hive’s nutrition providing protein, lipids, vitamins, and minerals. Pollen substitutes, such as Ultra bee pollen substitute can allow a beekeeper to enhance the health and build-up of a hive. In this article, we will take a look at pollen substitutes and how they work. What Is Pollen … Read more

When Is Honey Harvested?

When Is Honey Harvested

When is honey harvested? The short answer is when there is honey to harvest! Bees are not like cows, where you milk them at specific times based on a schedule. There are many factors that determine the answer to the question of “When is honey harvested?” In this article, we will have a look at … Read more

Does Lemongrass Attract Bees?

Does lemongrass attract bees? The short answer is yes. The long and fun answer is the rest of this article. Lemongrass is an amazing grass herb that contains terpenes that attract bees. Let’s see how we can use this to our advantage. What Is Lemongrass? Lemongrass species are all part of the genus Cymbopogon. The … Read more

How To Build A Beehive Stand

How To Build A Beehive Stand

There are a number of reasons why we need to know how to build a beehive stand. These are only necessary in certain areas, and there are different reasons why they are necessary. This will determine the design of the beehive stand, how to build a beehive stand, and how much it costs. Let’s have … Read more

How Many Brood Boxes Should A Hive Have?

How Many Brood Boxes Should A Hive Have

How many brood boxes should a hive have? How many rooms should your house have? Bees much like humans are influenced by their environment, and the environment you are in determines the resources available to you. This in turn influences what you can or can not do. In the article, we will take a look … Read more

How Long Can A Queen Bee Live In A Cage

How Long Can A Queen Bee Live In A Cage

There are times when we need to place a queen in a cage – this naturally places her under stress. Every extra day in a cage causes damage to the queen, hence people often ask how long can a queen bee live in a cage? Let us explore why we cage queens, what can happen, … Read more

Are Bee Skeps Illegal?

Are Bee Skeps Illegal

Are bee skeps illegal? Well, this depends on where you are and what the laws are. These ancient beehives are a part of our cultural treasure, and are a topic we should definitely explore further! What Is A Bee Skep Hive? A Skep hive is a very simple hive that is made out of basketwork. … Read more

At What Temperature Do Bees Come Out

Bees are able to partially regulate their body temperature and can fly for short periods at temperatures below 55°F. At what temperature do bees come out?  It is important to differentiate between the temperature when they can forage, and the temperature when they can shoot out to sting or take a “cleansing flight”. Bees and … Read more