How To Clean Propolis – Purifying Black Gold In Our Hives!!

How To Clean Propolis

In this article, I will show you how to clean propolis using a few methods I have developed over the years. We will first look at what propolis is, and then at how to clean propolis and produce tinctures and medicines for ourselves. What’s Propolis? The ancient Greek words Pro for in front and Polis … Read more

How Many Hives Can One Person Manage? Tips From A Pro

How Many Hives Can One Person Manage

How many hives can one person manage? This is not a question with an easy answer, so let us explore the factors that will directly impact how many hives you can manage in your area, with your capability. A Precautionary Note To Beekeepers Who Want To Scale Up There is a funny thing that happens … Read more

Can You Eat Honey From A Dead Hive

Can You Eat Honey From A Dead Hive

Can you eat honey from a dead hive? This will really depend on how the bees died. I personally never eat honey from a dead hive. But let’s have a look at how you can work out whether eating honey from a dead hive is safe or not. Why Would Bees Be Dead? There are … Read more

Does Bee Pollen Expire? Expert Tips To Healthy Pollen Eating.

Does Bee Pollen Expire

Does bee pollen expire? Yes. Much like any biological substance, it degrades slowly over time. Follow more to find out what the modes of action are that cause bee pollen to expire. What Is Bee Pollen? There are many different forms of pollen that we could refer to as “bee pollen”. Hence if we trap … Read more

Bees Left Behind After A Swarm

Bees Left Behind After A Swarm

Often when bees abscond or swarm from a resting site, we find bees left behind after a swarm. This is a normal part of nature – sad – but normal. Let us have a look at why bees get left behind and what happens to these bees. We find that in all societies, there is … Read more

What Is Bee Brood – All Your Questions Answered

What is bee brood? This is the next generation of bees – it is the part of the hive that produces bees constantly to replenish and grow the hive population. To fully answer the question “what is bee brood?” we will have to take a far deeper dive into what the brood nest is, how … Read more

The BEST Ultra Bee Pollen Substitute – Revealed

Pollen is an essential part of the honeybee hive’s nutrition providing protein, lipids, vitamins, and minerals. Pollen substitutes, such as Ultra bee pollen substitute can allow a beekeeper to enhance the health and build-up of a hive. In this article, we will take a look at pollen substitutes and how they work. What Is Pollen … Read more