How To Transport Bees Long Distance?

How To Transport Bees Long Distance

In this article, we take a look at how to transport bees long distances. Bees have a long history of traveling around the world with us humans, and we will take a meander through this history.  A Quick Look At How Bees Move If we look at a beehive, it is basically similar to a … Read more

How To Install Wax Foundation In Frames?

How To Install Wax Foundation In Frames

In this article, we take a look at how to install wax foundation in frames. This can be really simple to quite complex depending on the type of frame you are using. We will evaluate the options and show how they work. What is Beeswax Foundation? Beeswax foundation is an embossed wax or composite wax … Read more

How Do Bees Get Pollen From Flowers?

How Do Bees Get Pollen From Flowers

How do bees get pollen from flowers? We will take a look at pollen gathering in bees and how these amazing creatures collect, store and ferment pollen to make food for the hive. Why Do Bees Collect Pollen? If we look at social wasps such as yellow jackets, they forage on nectar for energy and … Read more

Grease Patties For Bees

Grease Patties For Bees

The use of grease patties for bees to control various hive diseases and pests is widespread. In this article, we take a look at what you can use grease patties for bees to treat. Grease patties for bees in their simplest form are just some sort of hard fat, such as vegetable shortening, with sugar … Read more

How To Make Honeycomb In Minecraft?

This is a very simple but effective tutorial on how to make honeycomb in Minecraft. Honeycomb is an element that is needed for making flowers, and it’s also used as a building material. This will help you craft your own creations with honeycombs! The “how to make beehive minecraft” is a tutorial on how to … Read more

How Much Honey In A Super Frame?

A super frame of honey contains about 28 pounds, or 12 gallons. One pound equals to 1/8th a kilogram, and one gallon is equal to 8 pints (1 pint = 3 cups). This means a single 4-pound jar of honey will contain 80 ounces of the sweet stuff. A “medium frame” has a volume of … Read more

Electric Fence For Beehives

Electric Fence For Beehives

An electric fence for beehives is a powerful tool for reducing bear and problem human issues in areas where these can be a concern. Setting up an electric fence can be done on the cheap – but there are issues with this approach. We look at how to do things properly, and how to avoid … Read more

When Should I Treat My Bees For Mites?

When Should I Treat My Bees For Mites

As a beekeeper, an important question we need to ask is when should I treat my bees for mites? We will go into this in some depth – there is no direct answer actually, but more a case by case situation.  Best practice is just that – the best we know at the time. These methods evolve … Read more