How Many Brood Boxes Should A Hive Have?

How Many Brood Boxes Should A Hive Have

How many brood boxes should a hive have? How many rooms should your house have? Bees much like humans are influenced by their environment, and the environment you are in determines the resources available to you. This in turn influences what you can or can not do. In the article, we will take a look … Read more

How Long Can A Queen Bee Live In A Cage

How Long Can A Queen Bee Live In A Cage

There are times when we need to place a queen in a cage – this naturally places her under stress. Every extra day in a cage causes damage to the queen, hence people often ask how long can a queen bee live in a cage? Let us explore why we cage queens, what can happen, … Read more

Are Bee Skeps Illegal?

Are Bee Skeps Illegal

Are bee skeps illegal? Well, this depends on where you are and what the laws are. These ancient beehives are a part of our cultural treasure, and are a topic we should definitely explore further! What Is A Bee Skep Hive? A Skep hive is a very simple hive that is made out of basketwork. … Read more

At What Temperature Do Bees Come Out

Bees are able to partially regulate their body temperature and can fly for short periods at temperatures below 55°F. At what temperature do bees come out?  It is important to differentiate between the temperature when they can forage, and the temperature when they can shoot out to sting or take a “cleansing flight”. Bees and … Read more

Are Black Bees Poisonous?

Are Black Bees Poisonous

Black bees are a common term for a type of carpenter bee. Carpenter bees are wood nesting bees, gentle souls, and exceptional pollinators. Are black bees poisonous? Not really. Read further to find out how you can live with these lovely bees, avoid problems and save damage to your buildings. Clearing Up What A Black … Read more

Varroa Mite Powdered Sugar Treatment

Varroa Mite Powdered Sugar Treatment

Varroa mites are horrible pests that can rapidly kill a hive. These small parasitic mites can be controlled with a number of different methods, some of these methods kill the mites (poisons) and some of these methods remove mites from the hive. The varroa mite powdered sugar treatment method is an example of a treatment … Read more

How Much Honey To Leave Bees For Winter

How Much Honey To Leave Bees For Winter

When it comes to deciding how much honey to leave bees for winter there are many questions we need to ask. Some people leave no honey for the bees for winter – but they will feed the bees. Others believe that letting the bees have honey makes them stronger. Let us explore our options here … Read more

Ground Bees In Wisconsin

Ground Bees In Wisconsin

Depending on where you are in the world, ground bees mean different things. Ground bees in Wisconsin refer to solitary bees that nest in clusters in the ground. These bees are of very little threat to anybody, and they serve an incredibly important pollination service. Read further to find out how you can live with … Read more

Adopt A Hive In The USA!

Many people are aware that the honeybee and generally all other bee species are in decline globally. Adopting a hive is a way of taking personal capital and introducing it into beekeeping businesses in a way that allows us to invest in bee conservation, and also to get a bit of honey and feel-good feelings. … Read more

What Does Bee Poop Look Like?

What Does Bee Poop Look Like

We are a funny species. Especially when it comes to poop. Something about poop entertains us and scares us. On the topic of bees, I often get asked “What does bee poop look like?” Bee poop is actually an incredible resource and if you understand how and where bees poop, you can use this knowledge … Read more