Varroa Mite Powdered Sugar Treatment


Varroa mites are horrible pests that can rapidly kill a hive.

Varroa mites are small parasitic mites that make holes in bees and suck their hemolymph. 

A Quick Summary Of What Varroa Mites Are

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This is a very simple treatment. We dust bees with sugar. Varroa mites have sticky little feet that grip the waxy layer on the surface of a bee.

What Is The Varroa Mite Powdered Sugar Treatment?

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Preparing Your Sugar

When I experimented with this method a decade and a half ago, we took fine white sugar and placed this in a small flour mill that I had. 


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Dusting Your Bees

Dusting the bees is a little more complex than you may think.


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With fewer bees to collect pollen, the brood nest shrinks, and the increasing number of mites attacks a decreasing number of brood cells – this leads to a complete collapse of the hive.


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