What Happens If You Kill A Queen Bee


In this article, we take a look at what happens if you kill a queen bee. Killing the queen bee can occur by mistake or on purpose.

The queen produces pheromones which give her reproductive control over the workers.

1.What Happens When The Queen Bee Dies?

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There are two scenarios where this may happen. If you kill the queen bee on purpose. Or if you kill the queen be by mistake. Let’s explore these one by one.

2. What Happens If You Kill A Queen Bee?

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How To Kill A Queen Bee On Purpose

The easiest method is to just take her between your fingers and crush her. 


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An Interesting Experiment To Do, If You Need To Kill A Queen

were removing queens from hives to watch and measure the changes in pheromones in the hive. He took a queen and said watch this.


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If you do not wish to crush a queen, just catch her and then place her in a bottle and put her in the freezer. This will kill her in a humane fashion. 


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