How To Get Bees Out Of Your House

Last Updated on August 14, 2022

How to get bees out of your house? First, we need to figure out why bees are in your house. Once we know this, let’s look at cultural sensitivities and how to get bees out of your house without killing them. Alternatively, we explore the more drastic “How do you get rid of bees instantly?” options.

Before we go into this too much let us first go far back in history and find out why a lot of cultures pay attention to bees in the house. Bees are really important to ALL ancient cultures that evolved with bees. This ranges from nearly every culture in Africa to most European, Eurasian, Asian, and Indian cultures.

There is a sort of common belief that a bee entering your house is a sign of something. It could be a guest who will arrive (Africa, Ireland, Continental Europe) or a message from the ancestors/reincarnation incident (Africa/India). Here is a lovely story that explains how people felt about the late great Nelson Mandela being stung. You will note that in Xhosa culture, much like ancient Irish culture, bees stinging you in the house meant you should brew beer and slaughter an animal and consult a sangoma/druid/mystic depending on where you were.

In more modern times, many of us have become aware that bees are important for the environment, and saving a bee is, therefore, a good thing to do. We need to explore this and see if this is always true.

A cursory look at this insect may let you think it is a bee! But look at those big eyes! It is a bee fly – a type of fly that mimics a bee. These are awesome insects, and worth saving, but they don’t sting so you can have a lot less fear around them.

What Attracts Bees To My House?

When exploring how to get bees out of your house, it is first important to ask what attracts bees to my house? There are a few common causes for this:

First, make sure you know how to tell the difference between yellow jackets, bumblebees, and honeybees. You may find what you think is a bee is actually a yellow jacket. Yellowjackets are an invasive pest where I live, so if I see one, I reach for the delightful electric bug blatter or my Bugassault gun.

If we have ascertained that the insect is in fact a bee let’s move through this diagnostic.

Are The Bees Collecting Something Sweet – Fruit Juice/Cola/Honey/Syrup/Jam

Solution: Remove the sweet things and put them somewhere where the bees cannot get them. Close all windows and doors. Vacuum up the bees. You cannot get rid of these bees by saving their lives. Every time they leave, they will call 5-15 bees back with them to collect the sweet thing that attracted them. If you vacuum the bees up, it stops them from calling their friends and you will save more bees, in the long run, this way.

Are The Bees Found In The Morning Crawling Below A Light That Stays On All Night?

Solution: There is a beehive somewhere in the line of sight of the light. These bees think that the light is the Sun, and so they end up accidentally flying at night and get stuck around the light. The Sun is far away – if a bee flies perpendicular to the Sun it goes in a straight line – if it flies perpendicular to your light, it ends up flying in a corkscrew fashion until it is stuck on the light. You can maybe turn the light off, or get a red night light. Bees cannot see red. And your brain cannot see it with regards to sleep, so a red light in the bathroom is good for you and the bees. Alternatively, close the window if you can.

Did The Bees Suddenly Appear and They Seem To Be Exploring Your House?

The bees are looking to move into your house. There is a swarm nearby and it is scouting for nesting sites. Vacuum up any bees you see because these bees if you let them out, will call their friends, and soon you will have an entire swarm living in your house. This can be difficult to deal with, but a beekeeper can remove them.

Is The Bee Just Looking Lost?

Bees much like humans get lost. They make bad choices, end up in dark places and sometimes they need a hand getting out of that mess. If this bee just looks genuinely lost it is easy to save it.

Solution: Get a cup or a glass. Encourage the bee to move to a window or ground. Place a cup or glass or jar over the bee. Slide a piece of paper under the cup/glass/jar and the bee is now trapped. Lift this up and take it to a window or door and let the bee out. Bees will normally not sting you for helping out, but, sometimes they will. Bees are like crack heads – unpredictable. You can get shot for helping a crack head. The same applies to being stung by a bee you help. Hence help bees and crack heads at your own discretion.

For a bee against a window, place a bottle over the bee, slide some paper under the bee and then tilt the bee into the bottle.


Carry the bottle outside and then release the bee by removing the paper.

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How Do You Get Rid Of Bees Instantly?

The main ways to get rid of bees are in my opinion to vacuum them up with a vacuum cleaner. This is the method that is least likely to result in your getting stung. Note that this only applies to small numbers of bees. If you go up to a swarm the size of a football hanging in a tree and try to vacuum it up, the results are likely to be unfavorable (you will get stung). If you are vacuuming up a small cluster – the size of a golf ball or smaller – the bees will just vanish into the vacuum cleaner. This will in all likelihood kill the bees.


I have had so many cases where a person phones me in a state of shock. They have sprayed a swarm, or a hive, or a handful of bees, and the bees stung them before the bees died. Insect sprays do not kill bees instantly – they do however make bees go crazy, and then die. Crazy bees sting hard.

I hope this has helped you understand what to do and how to get bees out of your house. Bees are special creatures – always try to save them if you can, but don’t put yourself or others at risk of bee stings that can cause reputational damages to bees. Every person that gets stung unnecessarily creates bad marketing for bees. We need them to be held in the highest regard! If you enjoyed please share.


How do you get rid of bees instantly?

The best way is with a vacuum cleaner. This only applies to a few bees. Do not try and vacuum up a swarm of bees unless you are a beekeeper and have a bee vac.

What attracts bees to my house?

Bees could be attracted to your house because you have left something sweet, such as honey or cooldrink, near a window. Or they may be scouts looking to build a new hive. Or they could be bees attracted to a light at night. Every now and then a bee just flies into a house by mistake as well.