Saskatraz Bees vs Italian


Saskatraz bees vs Italian bees? Where do we begin? Saskatraz bees are hybrid bees selected from a wide gene pool for a set of specific traits. 

Saskatraz bees are a hybrid selected from a range of bees sourced from Saskatchewan. The bees have been selected based on honey production and disease resistance.

1.Saskatraz Bees Characteristics

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Italian bees are somewhere between a breed and a race. They are derived from bees from a region of Italy, and bee breeders breed these bees to have “Italian characteristics”. 

2. Italian Bees Characteristics

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Saskatraz Bees vs Italian Bees

Comparing Saskatraz bees vs Italian bees is a bit of a difficult job. This is like asking somebody to compare a screwdriver and a hammer.


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An Alternative Between Choosing – Just Mix It Up A Bit!!

This is a personal hobby of mine – genetic diversity. I grew up among scientists and am a scientist with a Ph.D. myself. 


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It appears that the selectors for honey production in Saskatraz bees are quite strong and beekeepers do report very good honey yields. Italian bees are widely regarded as being excellent honey-producing hives. 


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